Tue. Mar 9th, 2021

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Wilfried Zaha names his David Moyes regret at Manchester United

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Wilfried Zaha says he would have imposed himself at Manchester United if he was given his time at Old Trafford again.

The Crystal Palace star spent an unhappy two years at United, failing to win a regular place in the team under David Moyes before a loan spell at Cardiff City and a return to his boyhood club when Louis van Gaal was in charge.

Speaking at a Business of Football summit, the 28-year-old admitted he was too passive during his time at United.

Reflecting on what he would have done differently, Zaha said he would have been more assertive in trying to find out from Moyes why he was not playing.

He said: “The only thing I would have done differently is impose myself more at the club, to my teammates, to everything. I’ve said before in interviews, I was just a shadow of myself because it was all new to me.

“Going there, and I’m thinking it’s all going to go well and then being hit with a manager that’s not keen on you and being away from home, I was a bit shell shocked, like what do I do now?

“Even then, I didn’t go to the manager’s office and ask why I wasn’t playing, I didn’t have the confidence to do those things. It was just accepting and hoping he’d change his mind. Just hoping.

“I don’t believe in just hoping, I feel like the work I put in brings the results. I’m so much more front foot now. The experience, I’m older now and I would have imposed myself on that team a lot more.”

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