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What really happened between Manchester United striker Anthony Martial and Ralf Rangnick – Man Utd
May 18, 2022

Man Utd


What really happened between Manchester United striker Anthony Martial and Ralf Rangnick

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What really happened between Manchester United striker Anthony Martial and Ralf Rangnick
The Frenchman is adamant he did not refuse to play against Aston Villa (Pictures: Getty)

Manchester United interim boss Ralf Rangnick did not speak personally to Anthony Martial before claiming the striker had declined to play for the club, causing a breakdown in communication.

The Frenchman, who has been sidelined with a knee injury, did not travel with the team to face Aston Villa at the weekend which resulted in Rangnick only being able to name eight substitutes on the bench.

After the game, the German coach revealed it was Martial’s decision not to travel, saying: ‘He didn’t want to be in the squad.’

What really happened between Manchester United striker Anthony Martial and Ralf Rangnick
Martial has been sidelined for the last six weeks (Picture: Getty)

But just a few hours after that, the wantaway forward took to Instagram to refute that version of events, writing: ‘I will never refuse to play a match for Man United. I’ve been here for seven years and I never disrespected and will never disrespect the club and the fans.’

Rangnick has since drawn a line under the incident and is set to welcome Martial back into the squad for Wednesday’s clash with Brentford, though he stood by his post-match comments about what happened.

Now The Athletic have broken down the series of events that led to Martial not travelling to Villa Park, revealing that Rangnick never actually spoke to the 26-year-old.

Martial has not been named in any of the eight matchday squads since Rangnick took charge due to his knee issues and the German had sent one of his coaches to get confirmation from the France international on whether he could play against Villa.

The former Monaco forward, who had trained fully that day and was expected to be called upon, took the question as an ‘invitation’ and said that he felt unable to play.

That answer was relayed to Rangnick as Martial ruling himself out, though the forward insists it was not a refusal.

Martial is described as ‘not innocent’ in the mix-up and there was some degree of disappointment that he did not answer Rangnick’s call to play, particularly given that he knew United were light on attacking options and would have one less player on the bench than permitted.

What really happened between Manchester United striker Anthony Martial and Ralf Rangnick
Martial is unhappy with his lack of game time and wants a transfer (Getty)

Confirming that he had spoken to Martial and put the matter to bed ahead of facing Brentford, Rangnick said on Tuesday: ‘I’ve been here for six weeks. All the things that need to be said, I said after the press conference.

‘I had a conversation with him on Sunday, a personal conversation about what happened and how I saw the whole situation. The matter is now resolved.

‘He didn’t train yesterday and before yesterday, he will probably train today and after training I will then take the decision if he is nominated or not.’

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