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We simulated Brentford vs Manchester United to get a score prediction – Man Utd
May 18, 2022

Man Utd


We simulated Brentford vs Manchester United to get a score prediction

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Manchester United will be looking to bounce back from their draw at Aston Villa this midweek and find their first Premier League win of 2022, as they face Brentford on Wednesday night.

After Bruno Fernandes’ brace put Man United 2-0 up at Villa with 13 minutes remaining, United looked certain to leave Villa Park with a win, but second-half goals from Jacob Ramsey and Phillipe Coutinho pegged United back and the Reds left with a single point.

Rangnick will be without Paul Pogba and Aaron Wan-Bissaka on Wednesday night, with the latter suffering from the same illness that ruled him out against Villa. And after missing the game against Villa last Saturday, Cristiano Ronaldo is expected to return to the squad after being pictured in training following his injury.

Marcus Rashford was also in training after his slight knock, but he may not be included, with the forward not confirmed with the squad who arrived at Manchester Airport.

So, what line-up will United select? And what could the final score be?

We used FIFA 22 to get a score prediction for Brentford vs Man United on Wednesday and this is what happened…

Brentford vs Man United score predicted by simulation

We used kick-off mode in FIFA 22, but didn’t select a team to control, we then selected the teams and watched the match play out by itself, to give us a score prediction.

We predict that Brentford could set up in a 3-5-2 formation, with their line-up as follows: Fernandez; Ajer, Jansson, Pinnock; Roerslev, Jensen, Jorgaard, Janelt, Canos; Mbeumo, Toney.

We predict that United could set up in a 4-3-3 formation, with their line-up as follows: De Gea; Dalot, Lindelof, Varane, Telles; Fred, Matic, Fernandes; Greenwood, Ronaldo, Elanga.

United controlled possession in the first half but struggled to break the Bees down, looking laboured in attack with half chances falling for Fernandes and Elanga, but nothing more.

The visitors did find the opener before half-time though, with Mason Greenwood firing in the opener.

Mason Greenwood made it 1-0 to Man United
Mason Greenwood made it 1-0 to Man United

United opened the scoring in the 37th minute after a collision between Jansson and Ronaldo opened up space for Greenwood, who recovered the ball centrally and drilled a finish into the bottom corner.

In the second-half United missed a handful of decent chances, but Greenwood was guilty of the worst miss of all, only managing to hit the crossbar when one-on-one with Fernandez.

Mason Greenwood hit the bar
Mason Greenwood hit the bar

As the game went on, Brentford started pushing forward as they looked for an equaliser, and they would’ve found it at the death if it wasn’t for some good defending from United.

Brentford very nearly found the sucker punch in injury time, after a well-worked counter-attack eventually found Bryan Mbeumo in the area, but his goal-bound finish was well blocked by Raphael Varane.

Raphael Varane made a vital block in the last minute
Raphael Varane made a vital block in the last minute

United were poor overall but decent enough in defence to be able to scrape the win, albeit very a hard-earned one.

FIFA 22 predicted final score: Brentford 0-1 Man United

Here are the full-time match stats:

FT stats from Brentford 0-1 Man United on FIFA 22
FT stats from Brentford 0-1 Man United on FIFA 22

FIFA 22 predicts that Brentford will be a tough test for United on Wednesday, particularly if they aren’t at their best, but that they should have enough quality to get all three points if their defence is up to it.

What do you think the final score will be in the real game? Let us know in the comments below.

FIFA 22 is the latest game within EA’s popular FIFA video game franchise, which was released worldwide on Friday, October 1, 2021. The game is available now on all platforms including Xbox One, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Stadia and PC.

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