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Is HK Transfer news LIVE! Mbappe to Liverpool, Upamecano deal; Dembele to Man United; Tottenham agree Son contract – Man Utd
June 20, 2021

Man Utd


Transfer news LIVE! Mbappe to Liverpool, Upamecano deal; Dembele to Man United; Tottenham agree Son contract

10 min read

Welcome back to the Evening Standard’s LIVE coverage of all the latest transfer news as the fallout continues from last week’s deadline day.

The domestic window finally slammed shut for Premier League clubs in its entirety on Friday, 16 October, with the international window having already closed on October 5.

Top flight clubs utilised the initial eleven days of negotiation with EFL clubs to good effect, as West Ham sealed a potential £30million deal for Brentford’s Said Benrahma, while Tottenham nabbed Jose Rodon from Swansea and Crystal Palace brought in Jack Butland to strengthen their goalkeeping options.

As for deals during the main window, Chelsea spent over £200m on the likes of Kai Havertz and Timo Werner, Manchester United missed out on Jadon Sancho but signed Edinson Cavani, and Arsenal nabbed £45m Thomas Partey among others.

Live Updates

Liverpool told to sign Upamecano

Photo: Getty Images

Are you listening Jurgen? Jamie Carragher says get the chequebook out and agree a deal to sign Dayot Upamecano on January 1.

“There is a young man everyone was talking about at Leipzig, Dayot Upamecano, there is talk of him,” Carragher told Sky Sports.

“Whether he has the profile of Van Dijk, I think he is only 6’1″ or 6’2”, so he is maybe not that aerial, but if he is the one they wanted, then bring it forward.

“Pay extra money and do it on January 1st. That means getting through 11 league games without Virgil van Dijk.

“One thing to say about Virgil van Dijk is that in the last 23 games, they have only kept five clean sheets, and Van Dijk played all of them, so it is not like everything was perfect. We saw the seven against Aston Villa and we saw the Leeds game.

“But I think they have to go big with a signing.”

Confirmed: Ozil excluded from Premier League squad

Photo: PA

As revealed by Standard Sport earlier, Mesut Ozil’s Arsenal career looks over after he was left out of their 25-man Premier League squad.

The 32-year-old German is in the final year of his £350,000-a-week contract and looks to have played his last game for the club.

Ozil has not played a minute for Arsenal this season and earlier this month was also left out of their Europa League squad.

It means the midfielder is not eligible to play competitive football for Arsenal until January when the transfer window opens.

Ozil has publicly and privately stated he has no plans to leave Arsenal before his contract runs out and he is still determined to get back in the side.

But his omission from their 25-man Premier League means his Arsenal career looks all-but over.

Arsenal have 19 non-homegrown players over the age of 21, two more than the limit allowed by both the Premier League and Uefa, and manager Mikel Arteta has decided to leave out Ozil, who has not played for the Gunners since March.

Arsenal also left defender Sokratis Papastathopoulos out of their Premier League squad when it was submitted on Tuesday.

ICYMI: White lined up as Van Dijk replacement? 

Photo: Getty

Liverpool are considering a January move for Brighton defender Ben White after Virgil van Dijk’s injury, report Football Insider.

The Dutchman suffered ACL damage in a horrendous challenge with Jordan Pickford in Saturday’s Merseyside derby and could be out for the rest of the season.

White impressed on loan at Leeds in the Championship last season and though the Yorkshire club failed with three bids to make the move permanent this summer, he has quickly settled in the Premier League after returning to his parent club. 


Tottenham close to agreeing new Son contract

Photo: Getty
Tottenham are closing in on a fresh contract agreement with Heung-min Son, according to The Athletic.

The South Korean has started the season in stunning form, scoring seven goals in his first five games to lead the early Golden Boot race with Dominic Calvert-Lewin.

Son still has just under three years to run on his contract but Tottenham are keen to tie him down to fresh terms and an agreement is imminent. The 28-year-old currently earns around £150,000 a week and can expect a sizeable increase in salary.

Man United agreed Dembele deal

Photo: AFP

Manchester United agreed a deal to sign Ousmane Dembele before the player, just hours before the transfer dealine, refused to move.

France Football claim Barcelona had sanctioned the move as they looked to bring in Memphis Depay from Lyon. The French side would then move for Leicester City’s Islam Slimani.

But just five hours before the transfer deadline, Dembele made it clear he would not be leaving Camp Nou this summer.


Lampard: Mendy is Chelsea’s No1

Frank Lampard has admitted Edouard Mendy has already become Chelsea’s first-choice goalkeeper.

The former Rennes stopper helped the Blues secure Lampard’s first goalless draw as Chelsea boss in Tuesday’s Champions League stalemate with Sevilla.

Senegal stopper Mendy shook off a thigh issue to start the Group E opener at Stamford Bridge, which left Lampard delighted with his side’s more robust shape.

Asked if Mendy is already Chelsea’s number one keeper, Lampard said: “At the moment yes; he’s shown his quality. “The way he’s played, he’s played very well, that’s two clean sheets for him already.

“As it stands he is (the number one) but that’s always up for grabs. But the way he’s playing I’m very happy.”



Like a new signing!

Petr Cech has, quite remarkably, been included in Chelsea’s 25-man Premier League squad.

The club statement reads: “Petr Cech has been included in the squad as emergency goalkeeper cover. This is a precautionary step due to the unprecedented conditions currently caused by the Covid-19 crisis. He takes up a position as a non-contract player.”


Man United Premier League squad confirmed

There is no room at the inn for Phil Jones or Sergio Romero, with the duo left out of Manchester United’s 25-man Premier League squad. It is not necessarily a surprise, but it also speaks to United’s disorganised transfer policy that they were unable to shift either the goalkeeper or the defender on this summer.

Main list: Eric Bailly, Edinson Cavani, David De Gea (GK), Bruno Fernandes, Fred, Odion Ighalo, Victor Lindelof, Anthony Martial, Juan Mata, Nemanja Matic, Marcos Rojo, Alex Telles, Donny van de Beek

Homegrown list: Tim Fosu-Mensah, Lee Grant (GK),Dean Henderson (GK), Daniel James, Jesse Lingard, Harry Maguire, Scott McTominay, Paul Pogba, Marcus Rashford, Luke Shaw, Axel Tuanzebe, Aaron Wan-Bissaka

Under-21 list: Mason Greenwood, Teden Mengi, Facundo Pellistri, Brandon Williams


Palace have a new No.1

Jack Butland has been handed the No1 shirt by Crystal Palace, becoming the first player to hold it since club legend Julian Speroni departed.

The former Stoke City keeper, signed on a three-year deal for around £1million on the domestic deadline day last week, was brought in as cover for injured Wayne Hennessey, who has not been named in the Eagles’ 25-man Premier League squad for the season.


Fans ‘detest’ idea of European Premier League

A leading fans’ group says supporters “detest” the idea of a European Premier League, as reports of a new competition surfaced.

It has been reported that financiers are putting together a package worth £4.6billion to assist the creation of the competition, and that Liverpool and Manchester United are two of the clubs in talks about it.

It is also reported to have the backing of the sport’s world governing body FIFA, but the Football Supporters’ Association was quick to denounce it.

“Seriously, if you’re a club owner or football financier who thinks a global health crisis is the perfect opportunity to rip up and reshape football to suit billionaires… you have no idea how much fans detest your concept. It will not go how you think,” a statement on the group’s official Twitter account read.


United and Liverpool ‘in talks for European Premier League’ 

To some potentially massive news now. Sky are reporting that Liverpool and Manchester United are among clubs in talks over a new Fifa-backed European Premier League. 

The report claims that financiers are creating a €6billion package to fund the tournament, with more than a dozen teams from the five major European leagues in negotiations. 

The suggestion is that upto 18 teams would take part, as many as five of them potentially from England. 



How close United came to Dembele deal…

France Football claim that Manchester United and Barcelona had completed the required paperwork for Ousmane Dembele to head to Old Trafford on deadline day, only for the player to pull out of the move.

The report claims that the two clubs reached a formal agreement and had the necessary documents ready to go with five hours of the window left, but that Dembele refused to quit the Nou Camp. 

Photo: Getty


Emery: I convinced Mbappe to snub Real

There’s lots of talk around today about Kylian Mbappe’s future and it sounds as if he Thomas Tuchel faces a big job to keep him at the club next summer. 

Photo: Getty

Unai Emery would know all about that, it seems, because the former PSG boss has been talking about how he convinced the French star to turn down Real Madrid once before. 

“When I was in Paris, Mbappe was seriously thinking about going to Real Madrid because he likes them a lot, he was very excited to play for Madrid,” Emery told Marca. 

“I didn’t want him to leave and I had a conversation with him and his father to convince him that he had to stay, leaving PSG is not easy.”


Elliott explains Blackburn loan move

Liverpool youngster Harvey Elliott has revealed the length of detail that went into his decision to join Blackburn Rovers on loan last week. 

Photo: Getty

“I spoke with the gaffer before I made the decision and he said this was the best thing for my career and to go and express myself and show people who I am,” he told the Lancashire Telegraph

“All the coaching staff were very positive and said they’d support me all the way, so for them to say “go and enjoy yourself and the experience” I think it made it a lot better.  

“Liverpool were behind me 100 percent, they sat me down, gave me clips from games, how Rovers play, where I could potentially be playing, and to have that background information on the club and the style of football, was really important.

“I had a chat with the gaffer, got his word, what role and responsibilities I would have, so to have that background information and a positive energy about the club was a big help in me coming here.”


Arsenal and Liverpool ‘tried to sign Sporting star’

The father of Sporting Lisbon starlet Joelson Fernandes claims both Arsenal and Liverpool made attempts to sign his son this summer. 

The report in O Democrata claims Fernandes’ father told them of a £17million bid from Arsenal, while Liverpool saw the youngster as ideal backup for Sadio Mane, before they moved for Diogo Jota. 

City open to Zabaleta return

To a Manchester City defensive signing (of sorts) that would be significantly cheaper. 

The Mail claim City are open to the idea of Pablo Zabaleta returning to the club in a non-playing capacity following his retirement from football last week.

The Argentine was a key part of the City side that pushed to break into English football’s elite, spending nine years a the club between 2008-17. 

Photo: Getty


City ‘had €60m Koulibaly bid rejected’ 

Italian outlet Calciomercato claim Manchester City had a €60million bid for Kalidou Koulibaly rejected by Napoli this summer.

The Senegalese has been linked with a move to City for what feels like forever but has remained loyal to the Serie A side. 

The rejection did not deter Pep Guardiola from splashing the cash on his backline as Nathan Ake and Ruben Dias arrived for more than £100m. 


Ings ‘close to Saints deal’

Southampton striker Danny Ings is close to agreeing a new contract at the club, according to The Athletic.

The forward has been in terrific form over the last 12 months, earning a recall to the England squad and attracting interest from Tottenham in this summer’s transfer window. 

Photo: Getty

Mbappe on the move?

French outlet La Parisien say Kylian Mbappe is unwilling to extend his contract at PSG, opening the door for a possible departure next summer. 

The French star’s contract expires in June 2022, meaning next summer would be PSG’s final chance to cash in, unless they can agree a new deal.

Mbappe has been heavily linked with both Real Madrid and Liverpool in the past.

Photo: Getty

When does the ‘winter window’ open?

The January transfer window opens on Friday January 1, 2021, and will run until Sunday January 31.

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