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qo kC Transfer news LIVE! Man United want Traore; Luis Campos latest; Jorginho to Arsenal; Mbappe; Liverpool gossip – Man Utd
July 27, 2021

Man Utd


Transfer news LIVE! Man United want Traore; Luis Campos latest; Jorginho to Arsenal; Mbappe; Liverpool gossip

13 min read

Welcome back to the Evening Standard’s LIVE coverage of all the latest transfer news as the fallout continues from last week’s deadline day.

The domestic window finally slammed shut for Premier League clubs in its entirety on Friday, 16 October, with the international window having already closed on October 5.

Top flight clubs utilised the initial eleven days of negotiation with EFL clubs to good effect, as West Ham sealed a potential £30million deal for Brentford’s Said Benrahma, while Tottenham nabbed Jose Rodon from Swansea and Crystal Palace brought in Jack Butland to strengthen their goalkeeping options.

As for deals during the main window, Chelsea spent over £200m on the likes of Kai Havertz and Timo Werner, Manchester United missed out on Jadon Sancho but signed Edinson Cavani, and Arsenal recruited £45m Thomas Partey among others.

Live Updates


Son to sign new Tottenham contract ‘soon’

Photo: Getty Images

Jose Mourinho says Heung-min Son is set to become “part of the furniture” at Tottenham by signing a new long-term contract, writes Dan Kilpatrick.

Son came off the bench to score for the ninth time this season as Spurs began their Europa League group with a comfortable 3-0 win over LASK on Thursday night.

Afterwards, Mourinho said the 28-year-old wants to sign an extension to his current deal, which expires in 2023, and the Spurs manager is confident that “sooner or later” it will happen.

“I would love [him to sign a new contract],” Mourinho said. “Son has three years of contract, so it’s not like we’re in an extreme situation of everybody being worried.

“It’s more that Son loves it here, I believe that he would like to commit his future to the club for a long time.”

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Man United to appoint Campos?

Photo: AFP via Getty Images

Staying with United for a moment, could there soon be a new face behind the scenes at Old Trafford?

The idea of a director of football at the club has long been a great source of debate, with Luis Campos one named frequently linked with the post.

And according to Canal Plus in France, United are now actively considering trying to bring the Lille man to England after a largely frustrating summer transfer window.

Campos is a close friend of Jose Mourinho and it was previously reported that Tottenham were interested in his services.


Man United eye Adama Traore deal

Photo: Getty Images

Manchester United have already signed one Traore over recent weeks in young Atalanta winger Amad, who is set to arrive at Old Trafford in January.

However, Italian outlet Calciomercato now reports that the Red Devils are also eyeing a deal for the Ivorian’s namesake Adama as they seek alternatives to Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s long-term no1 target Jadon Sancho following a fruitless summer chase.

Manchester City, Liverpool and Bacelona are also said to be chasing the gifted Spaniard, who is reportedly valued at around £90m by Wolves.



Mbappe to Real ‘not linked to Zidane’

Spanish outlet AS claim the prospect of Kylian Mbappe moving to Real Madrid next summer is NOT dependent on Zinedine Zidane still being the man in charge. 

Photo: Getty

Zidane has been open in his admiration of Mbappe, while the striker has grown up idolising one of his nation’s greatest ever players. 

Mbappe will be out of contract in the summer of 2022 and has so far shown no sign of wanting to extend his stay at PSG, meaning he is likely to be sold at the end of the season. 


Pellistri makes first United appearance 

Summer signing Facundo Pellistri has made his first appearance in a Manchester United, playing for the club’s U23 side against Everton this evening. 

The 18-year-old winger, who arrived from Penarol, played 90 minutes as the Reds battled to a 2-1 victory. 

Photo: Getty

Wilshere: I’ll ask Wenger for advice over next club

Former Arsenal star Jack Wilshere says he will call Arsene Wenger for advice before deciding on a new club after leaving West Ham. 

Photo: Getty

Wilshere’s departure from the Emirates in the summer of 2018 coincided with Wenger’s, the Frenchman having played an influential role in his development, handing him a first team debut at the age of just 16. 

And, speaking to the BBC, Wilshere revealed he still speaks to his former mentor and would likely do so again before deciding on his next step as he looks to revive his career. 

“I spoke to Arsene when we were negotiating everything with West Ham and he was helpful,” Wilshere said. 

“When the time is right, as and when I have some options, where they are and what would be best for me, he would probably be the one I would call, yes.”



City closing on Partizan youngster

The Mail say that Manchester City are closing in on the £6million signing of Partizan Belgrade winger Filip Stevanovic. 

The 18-year-old is regarded as one of Serbian football’s brightest young prospects and has previously been linked with Manchester United. 


Jorginho: I was ‘open to negotiations’ over Arsenal links

Chelsea midfielder Jorginho says he would have been ‘open to negotiations’ after being questioned about Arsenal’s reported interest in him this summer. 

Photo: Getty

The Gunners were rumoured to be weighing up a deadline day move for the Italian, before instead returning to their no.1 target Thomas Partey.

“I believe that every player is open to negotiations,” Jorginho told ESPN Brazil.

“So I believe there was something they talked about. And in the end it was decided that I remain here. Now my head is here and we’re going to do a great job with Chelsea, which I always wanted to do.”


Moyes in no rush over Benrahma

Photo: Getty Images

West Ham manager David Moyes says he will take his time to integrate new signing Said Benrahma, who is expected to start on the bench against Manchester City on Saturday, writes Dan Kilpatrick.

The winger joined from Brentford on deadline day in a deal which could eventually cost £30million.

The 25-year-old could face another Algerian winger in City’s Riyad Mahrez at the London Stadium, but Moyes played down comparisons between the pair and insisted that Benrahma still needs to prove he can play in the Premier League.

“Said’s doing well,” said Moyes. “I think he’s needing to get up to speed with what we want and where we are. The way the players are playing, it’s given me that opportunity to get a bit more time with him.

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More to come from Vinicius

Photo: Getty Images

Tottenham boss Jose Mourinho says Carlos Vinicius is still learning and adapting at Tottenham and can play better than he did against LASK on Thursday night after providing two assists but failing to score.

“He played well but he can do better,” Mourinho said of Vinicius in his post-match press conference.

“He is a bit of a shame still, it is not easy not to speak English so the adaption to the group, in spite of having amazing guys that try to make him feel well, is not easy.

“Different football, different way to play, to think, learning the way we press, learning the attacking movements. He is still in a learning process, Vinicius can be much more than this.

“But first match I am really happy, the only thing that was missing was a goal. But we can see he is much more than, he is not selfish, he is a good target man.”

Arsenal wonderkid joins training for first time

Photo: Arsenal FC
One Arsenal signing that perhaps went under the radar during the transfer window is young striker Nikolaj Moller, dubbed ‘the new Zlatan Ibrahimovic’.

The 18-year-old arrived from Malmo on the European transfer window deadline day and this week trained with the Under-23s for the first time.

Standard Sport understands Moller has signed a four-year deal, with the option for a further 12 months, and will spend most of his time under the watchful eye of Steve Bould.

Lampard on Ziyech intergration

Hakim Ziyech’s recovery has been delayed by Chelsea’s failure to get the winger involved in enough practice games, Frank Lampard has revealed.

“It’s very difficult,” said the Chelsea manager. “We have a bubble at Cobham. We cannot play against the under 23s or bring over a lot of kids to replicate 11v11 games on big-sized pitches, which is generally where you would want someone to work when they’ve not played for six months off the back of an injury.

“So we miss that. We just have to do the best we can, train as well as we can, find the right way to give Hakim minutes and others in the squad because a few signings did come in with different issues, and try to do that as quickly as we can. It’s a big challenge.

“Hakim has confidence about him, his fitness is coming, he still needs time to get his actual match fitness.”

Lampard has praised Ziyech’s attitude since joining from Ajax – and his leadership qualities.

“When I look at squad always want to help grow the idea of leaders in the group,” he added. “Personalities within the group. Over the course of long, difficult seasons when we play so many games there will be moments when you really rely on them to help you in tough times.

“I don’t think you can get on in any elite team sport without people with personality and character in your team. I’ve seen that in Hakim and I’ve seen that in Mendy, as soon as they came through the door.

“Both of those will be great additions on that front and I encourage personality, I encourage conversations between the players. We need more of them.”


Son to sign new contract ‘soon’

Photo: Tottenham Hotspur FC

Jose Mourinho says Heung-min Son is set to become “part of the furniture” at Tottenham by signing a new long-term contract.

Son came off the bench to score for the ninth time this season as Spurs began their Europa League group with a comfortable 3-0 win over LASK on Thursday night.

Afterwards, Mourinho said the 28-year-old wants to sign an extension to his current deal, which expires in 2023, and the Spurs manager is confident that “sooner or later” it will happen.

“I would love [him to sign a new contract],” Mourinho said. “Son has three years of contract, so it’s not like we’re in an extreme situation of everybody being worried. It’s more that Son loves it here, I believe that he would like to commit his future to the club for a long time.

“Everybody at the club is totally in love with this player and this boy and is trying also to make him feel part of the furniture. It’s normal the club tries to go from three years to four or five or six, I don’t know. It’s normal.

“But it’s a very calm situation because Sonny has three more years of contract. But I wish [for him to get a new contract]. He deserves one. The club knows that and sooner or later, without any pressure, they will arrive into a decision.”~

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Ozil’s agent calls for honesty

Mesut Ozil’s agent has hit out at Arsenal and demanded they give “an honest explanation” as to why his client has been exiled by the club.

Ozil has been left out of both Arsenal’s Europa League and Premier League squads, meaning he is facing the prospect of not playing competitive football until January.

Earlier this week Arteta stressed the German had been left out for footballing reasons and that his conscience was calm.

Ozil’s agent Dr. Erkut Sogut, however, has now launched a stinging attack on Arsenal and claimed they are not telling the truth about his client’s exclusion.

“Arsenal fans deserve an honest explanation, not [Arteta] saying ‘I failed Ozil,’” he told ESPN. “You didn’t fail Ozil: you failed to be fair, honest and transparent and treat someone with respect who has a contract and was loyal all the time.

“Every single person outside knows he hasn’t treated him fairly. He didn’t give him a chance to show himself this season.

“If he is still under contract, the player should have the option to stay and fight for his place. Mesut hasn’t been given that. Why would you put a player on the bench twice for 90 minutes [against Brighton and Crystal Palace in June] if he wasn’t fit or committed?

“Everyone says he’s training well. Per Mertesacker [Arsenal defender, 2011-18 and now a coach at the club’s academy] said this publicly.

“I spoke with at least five team-mates who say he is training great. They say Mesut is one of their best players, and they cannot understand why he is left out. So it can’t be the training – if it is not the pitch, what are the footballing reasons?

“If you talk, you should tell the truth that the Arsenal fans deserve otherwise don’t talk at all.”

Ziyech reveals why he joined Chelsea

Photo: PA
Chelsea summer arrival Hakim Ziyech is relishing the chance to win trophies by playing “beautiful football” alongside his fellow new arrivals.

The Moroccan winger was the first of Chelsea’s glut of big name incomings ahead of the season, with the signings of Timo Werner, Kai Havertz, Ben Chilwell, Edouard Mendy and Thiago Silva following.

An injury picked up in a pre-season friendly against Brighton – in which he had laid on a fine assist for Werner – means Ziyech’s introduction to Frank Lampard’s side was hampered, with his competitive debut coming just last week.

However, the former Ajax man is clear about his ambitions in London as he looks forward to intergrated himself among the attacking talent.

“For the things to achieve I think it is clear that for everybody in the club it is winning trophies, to perform well and play beautiful football,” said Ziyech.

“Kai and Timo are two big talents and have already proved it in the past with what they did for their clubs before, Christian is also one of the biggest talents.

“They have enough quality and Christian he has already worked here longer than us so you see what he is capable of doing, he is just a crazy winger. I am really excited to be working with them, I can’t wait to be with them fully fit on the pitch and doing our things.”



Bergkamp’s son on trial at Arsenal

Arsenal are looking closely at the son of club legend Dennis Bergkamp, according to

Mitchel Bergkamp has been at London Colney this week, working with the Under-23s side having been released by second-tier Dutch side Almere City over the summer.

The 22-year-old will be flicking the ball around Newcastle defenders before long, I’ve no doubt.

Pochettino back on Real radar

There are a few doubts of Zinedine Zidane’s future at Real Madrid following a disappointing start to the season.

AS report that former Tottenham head coach Zinedine Zidane is back on the hierarchy’s wishlist should Zidane get the boot.

One to watch.

Klopp keen on Kabak

Photo: AP

Liverpool continue to be linked to centre-backs following Virgil van Dijk’s injury, with Sport Media Set claiming Ozan Kabak is now of interest.

Schalke want €30m for the 20-year-old, but the likes of AC Milan are also keen after failing to sign him during the summer transfer window.

Kabak has a contract until 2024, having arrived from Stuttgart last summer, meaning Schalke are under no pressure to sell.


Arsenal want to re-sign Malen

Photo: Getty Images
Arsenal want to bring Donyell Malen back to the club three years after they sold him to PSV for £540,000, report Soccernews.

Malen failed to make a senior appearance for the Gunners between 2015 and 2017 but has gone on to impress in the Eredivisie, contributing to 49 goals in 78 appearances since.

Last season Malen scored 17 goals in 25 games, also attracting interest from Barcelona and Juventus.

Chelsea want Zakaria

Photo: Getty Images

Chelsea face competition from Manchester United and Man City to sign Denis Zakaria, according to Bild.

The 23-year-old is a long-time target at Stamford Bridge, having been identified by the scouting team.

Chelsea were linked with a move over the summer only for Frank Lampard to delay any move after splurging nearly £250million.

Zakaria, a defensive midfielder, is impressing at Borussia Monchengladbach and is already a regulary for the Switzerland national team.

When does the ‘winter window’ open?

The January transfer window opens on Friday January 1, 2021, and will run until Sunday January 31.

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