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Transfer news LIVE: Malang Sarr to Arsenal, £60m Chilwell to Manchester United, Chelsea set to sign Cakir – Man Utd
May 19, 2022

Man Utd


Transfer news LIVE: Malang Sarr to Arsenal, £60m Chilwell to Manchester United, Chelsea set to sign Cakir

12 min read

Welcome to the Evening Standard‘s rolling transfer news and rumours live blog.

The Premier League is back after a – checks calendar – one-day break with Chelsea, West Ham, Liverpool and Manchester City all in action today. The Blues still have a Champions League spot to fight for, which could have a telling impact on their transfer business, while West Ham are far from safe.

Only time will tell to what extent the economic strain of the coronavirus pandemic will pose to the transfer market, though speculation remains buoyant ahead of this summer’s window.

Latest transfer news and rumours…​

  • Arsenal approach Sarr
  • Cakir ‘set for Chelsea’
  • Ziyech arrives at Chelsea
  • Man Utd hijack Chilwell deal
  • Chelsea set to sign Havertz

Live Updates



Petrov: Grealish not to blame if he leaves

Jack Grealish could not be blamed if he leaves Aston Villa, insists former captain Stiliyan Petrov, who says the club have not done enough to keep him. 

The Englishman has been heavily linked with a move away from Villa Park this summer, particularly to Manchester United. 

A transfer would become significantly more likely should Villa go down this season. 

Photo: Getty

“As a Villa fan I’d love him to stay. Jack likes to compete, he wants to do that at the highest level. He loves the club. He showed that in the Championship, he helped us get promotion, he battled hard in the Premier League.

“If that moment comes [when Grealish leaves], it would be sad to see because he is an exceptional person, not just player. But as a club, have we done enough to keep him?

“I don’t think so and it’s a big problem going forward as a club, because we may get good players through the youth system, but can we do enough to keep them?

“If he goes, I don’t think he can be blamed.”



Inter Miami target Vidal 

David Beckham’s Inter Miami are interested in an ambitious move for Barcelona midfielder Arturo Vidal, report Don Balon. 

Photo: Getty

The 33-year-old has been heavily linked with a move away from the Spanish giants this summer, with Juventus also reportedly interest. 

Barcelona are said to be keen to hold on to Vidal for another year, however. 



Gerson not interested in Chelsea or Spurs

Chelsea and Tottenham-linked midfielder Gerson has revealed he is not interested in a move away from Flamengo. 

The 23-year-old has been linked with a number of top European teams of late after winning the Campeonato Brasileiro, Copa Libertadores, Supercopa do Brasil and the Recopa Sudamericana this season. 

Photo: Getty

“After a year with Flamengo, I can promise that I never spoke with another club. My focus is totally on Flamengo,” he told Globo Esporte.

“I feel at home, I am happy, I am wanted and I am at a club that is on the level of European sides.

“We can’t shut doors, football shows this, but today I am very happy and fulfilled to be in the club of my heart.

“I rediscovered myself here and I want to win yet more trophies in this shirt.”




Brighton close in on Weir 

Brighton are close to signing Wigan defender Jensen Weir in a deal worth around £600,000 report Sky Sports. 

The 18-year-old is the son of current Brighton coach David Weir and will reportedly join the U23 squad. 

The incoming funds will be a major boost for a Wigan side that entered administration last month. 



Barcelona look to cool Neymar talk 

Barcelona are looking to cool speculation in the media regarding a potential move to re-sign Neymar, report Marca. 

Photo: Getty

The Catalan giants – who kept themselves in the La Liga title race with a 1-0 win against Real Valladolid – reportedly do not have the financial capacity to fund a deal for the Brazilian this summer. 

Regardless, Neymar has been heavily linked with a move for their former man, though Barcelona reportedly want to quash such talk. 



Parlour: Arsenal should sell Lacazette this summe

Arsenal should sell Alexandre Lacazette to fund the acquisition of a goalscoring midfielder, believes Ray Parlour. 

Both Lacazette and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang have been linked with exits, this summer, but the former Gunner thinks just one of them will go. 

Photo: Getty

“Well, I don’t think they’ll lose both. It’s a situation where I don’t think you can afford to lose both,” Parlour said of Lacazette and Aubameyang on talkSPORT .

“At the moment it’s very positive, the talk from the club itself looks like Aubameyang could be signing a new contract which would be brilliant news for Arsenal, and that could mean Lacazette could be on his way.

“There’s been lots of talk about him, Juventus has been mentioned for Lacazette with a player coming to Arsenal, I don’t know what sort of player is going to come to Arsenal that way.

“But I think Aubameyang is so important, he’s the one who scores you the goals. If you took him out of the Arsenal team now, who scores the goals?”




Kimpembe extends PSG deal 

Paris Saint-Gerrman defender Presnel Kimpembe has agreed a new four-year deal with the French champions. 

Photo: Getty

The 24-year-old – whose deal was due to expire in 2023 – is now contracted with PSG until 2024. 

The Frenchman has made 136 appearances for the club and will look to help his side claim Champions League glory in August. 

On signing a new deal, Kimpembe said: “Paris is my team, and the club where I came through the ranks. I have been here since I was eight years old and to be able to be here for the long-term is a real honour for me.”



Chelsea lining up Henderson move 

Chelsea are interested in making a move for Sheffield United loanee Dean Henderson, report Football Insider. 

Photo: Getty

Current No1 Kepa Arrizabalaga has been heavily linked with a loan move away from Stamford Bridge, with Frank Lampard keen to bring in a new ‘keeper. 

Henderson has impressed while on loan with Sheffield United, putting in another fine display as the Blades eased to a 3-0 win against Chelsea. 

The Englishman is tied down to a deal at Manchester United, however, though whether he would get game-time with David de Gea in net remains to be seen. 



Man Utd plan Pereira stay 

Manchester United have told midfielder Andreas Pereira they want to keep him this summer, according to Het Belang van Limburg. 

The Brazilian has been in and out of the United team this season, pushed further down the pecking order following Bruno Fernandes’ signing. 

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer reportedly still has the midfielder in his plans, however. 




Setien does not have Barcelona’s long-term backing

Barcelona presidential candidate Victor Font believes current manager Quique Setien is not the man for the job in the long term. 

Font told Spanish publication Ole: “He’s the current Barca coach so for that reason alone he deserves all our respect and support.

Photo: Getty

“For me personally he’s a coach I’ve always liked but it’s true too that he’s not the coach we’re backing for the future.”

If he proves successful in that quest to seize control from Josep Maria Bartomeu, he intends to have Xavi fill a key coaching job.

“Absolutely,” he added. “It’s true that Xavi will be the coach when he decides, whoever is president, because Xavi is Barcelona and their biggest hope.”



Chelsea ‘stuffed’ if they don’t replace Jorginho 

Craig Burley believes his former club Chelsea will be “stuffed” if they allow Jorginho to leave without replacing him. 

The midfielder is linked with a returrn to Juventus, with former boss Maurizio Sarri keen on a reunion. 

Jorginho was handed his first start against Sheffield United since the restart, with both Billy Gilmour and N’Golo Kante out injured. 

Photo: Getty

“Well you’ll have N’Golo Kante to play the defensive role, which looks likely,” Burley told ESPN FC

“Billy Gilmour’s come in but he’s a young man learning the game and that’s a lot to ask, but he’ll get some game time.

“[Matteo} Kovacic is there, Barkley’s had game time, [Ruben] Loftus-Cheek is back although he’s more attacking.

“But I suppose the answer would be to have protection, if Frank Lampard sees it that way, if there’s an injury to N’Golo Kante, they’re kind of going to be stuffed for somebody who can play a deeper-lying midfield role and protect that back four.”



Koulibaly could see out career with Napoli 

Kalidou Koulibaly insists he may stay at Napoli for the remainder of his career amid links to the Premier League. 

Photo: Getty

“In football, you never know what happens,” he told Gazzetta dello Sport. “I never spoke to Napoli about leaving. If we have to find a solution, we will find it, but I have never talked about the transfer market.

“I also read in the newspapers about my future. But I only want to think about playing, I am 100% [committed to] Napoli and it bothers me to be linked, every day, to this or that European club.

“We will see what the president will decide and if he proposes to extend my contract, that would allow me to end my career here.

“At the moment, I still have a three-year contract and I am not thinking of anything else but Napoli.”



Coutinho not thinking of future… yet 

Philippe Coutinho will not make a decision on his future until after Bayern Munich’s Champions League campaign is over, report Mundo Deportivo. 

Photo: Getty

The Brazilian will see out the remainder of the season with Bayern having agreed to an extension of his loan, with the Champions League to be held between August 7-23.

Parent club Barcelona are reportedly desperate to sell the midfielder, who arrived in a £105million deal back in 2018. 

Coutinho will reportedly consider his options after the tournament, however, with his focus solely on the Champions League for now. 



Terry set for first managerial post? 

John Terry has expressed interest in becoming Bristol City manager, according to the Daily Mail. 

Photo: Getty

The Chelsea legend – who is currently the assistant manager at Aston Villa – believes the Championship club have the potential to mount a Premier League charge. 

His side Aston Villa are currently in the midst of a fierce battle to avoid relegation from the Premier League. 

Meanwhile, Terry would emulate former team-mate Frank Lampard – who also started his managerial career in the Championship. 



Chelsea agree deal for Cakir 

Chelsea have agreed a deal for 24-year-old Tranzonspor ‘keeper Ugurcan Cakir, according to Haber365. 

The Turkish international will reportedly cost as much as £31million, with Frank Lampard looking for a new goalkeeper. 

Current No1 Kepa Arrizabalaga has been heavily linked with a loan move away from Stamford Bridge after a difficult season with Chelsea. 




Willian ‘wants to join Tottenham’

Tottenham would be Willian’s first-choice destination this summer if he is to leave Chelsea, believes Paul Robinson. 

The 31-year-old’s contract is due to expire, with talks breaking down after Chelsea were unwilling to offer the Brazilian a new three-year deal. 

Photo: Getty

“Willian will not come cheap wages-wise,” he told Football Insider. “He’s a player that has a great relationship with Mourinho.

“If he wants to stay in London and Tottenham was an option for him, you would imagine, from what I know, he wants to join Tottenham and they would be his first choice.

“I do not think it would take long for him to win over the Spurs fans. A lot of Spurs fans would take him with open arms because he is a top-class player.”   

Football Insider also state Tottenham have already offered Willian a “lucrative, long-term” deal. 



Duda set for Norwich stay 

Daniel Farke insists he expects loanee Ondrej Duda to stay at Norwich until the end of the season. 

The Norwich manager – speaking after his side’s relegation was confirmed with a 4-0 defeat to West Ham – said they are speaking to parent club Hertha Berlin regarding his future. 

Photo: Getty

“We are in talks for him to stay with us until the end of the season, but we are also in talks with Hertha Berlin about what is best for the player and also for us,” he told Sky Sports. 

“At the moment, I think he will stay with us for the season but to be honest, we haven’t discussed the situation of what will happen after relegation because I didn’t want us to focus too much on the future, just to concentrate on this game.

“We will stay in talks with Hertha Berlin but if you ask me know, I could expect Ondrej to stay until the end of the season.”



Guendouzi still training alone

Matteo Guendouzi is yet to return to first-team training at Arsenal, report ESPN, who state the midfielder is instead training alone. 

The 21-year-old has not made the matchday squad since his post-match melee with Brighton striker Neal Maupay. 

Photo: Getty

The Frenchman has reportedly refused to apologise following the incident, despite manager Mikel Arteta asking him to do so. 

Arteta has repeatedly stated “nothing has changed” with Guendouzi’s situations, with the midfielder unlikely to feature against Tottenham on Sunday. 

ESPN report Guendouiz’s agent will meet Arteta and Arsenal’s head of football next week. 



Given: Grealish good enough for Man Utd

Former Aston Villa ‘keeper Shay Given believes there must be some truth to the Jack Grealish to Manchester United rumours, insisting the Englishman wouldn’t look out of place at Old Trafford. 

Given also insists January signing Bruno Fernandes cannot play every game, stating United will need reinforcements. 

Photo: Getty

“There’s so much press and media about Jack joining, there’s no smoke without fire,” Given told Stadium Astro. “There must be something in the pipeline that he could be joining United.

“I’ve no clue what the fee’s going to be but I do think he’s good enough to play for a club like United. He wouldn’t look out of place in that team.”

“But Fernandes is in that position as well and Pogba can also play that position. They’ve got a number of players who can play there.

“But if they’re back in the Champions League, then there’s so many games and so many players will be needed for so many games at the top level.

“Fernandes is a young enough player as well but I don’t think he can play every single game.

“Maybe Ole’s looking at rotating the squad a bit and getting Jack into the team.”



Dybala set for Juve extension 

Paulo Dybala is edging towards signing a new contract at Juventus, report Calciomercato. 

Photo: Getty

The Argentinean forward – who was heavily linked with Tottenham in the summer – remains in contract until 2022 as things stand, but Juventus are keen to extend his deal further. 

The Bianconeri are also willing to increase his wages to a whopping £11million per year. 

The striker has scored an impressive 17 goals and provided 13 assists in 40 appearances in all competitions this season. 

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When does the 2020 summer transfer window open?

The Premier League’s chief executive, Richard Masters, has confirmed that the window is not set to open until the end of the season.

The campaign is currently scheduled to finish on Sunday July 26th, though the FA Cup Final will be held on August 1.

Therefore, August 2 seems a likely date for the window to open, though Masters admitted there is not yet a plan for how long it would go on for – especially with no dates yet confirmed for the 2020/21 season.

A summer transfer window usually lasts at least 12 weeks. Recent reports suggest Fifa will allow leagues to open their windows up to four weeks before the culmination of the season.

Players can be officially registered with their new clubs when the Fifa international window opens on July 1 – such as Hakim Ziyech and Timo Werner with Chelsea – though Fifa guidelines suggest players joining in July will not be able to play for their new clubs during the current 2019-20 season.

From January 1 onwards, Premier League players with six months left on their contract have been able to negotiate and agree pre-contract deals with foreign clubs.

Some players have signed short-term deals with their clubs to finish the current season, but there is no obligation for players to do so. However, they will not be able to play for a new team this season even if they become a free agent due to Fifa regulations on registrations.

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