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Sevilla chief provides update on pursuit of Manchester United’s Anthony Martial – Man Utd
May 18, 2022

Man Utd


Sevilla chief provides update on pursuit of Manchester United’s Anthony Martial

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Sevilla CEO, Maurizio Arrivabene, has admitted that the club are unlikely to sign Anthony Martial in January as they can’t meet Manchester United’s demands.

The La Liga side have been the only club to show solid interest in the wantaway Martial this month after the forward made it clear to United that he wants to leave due to frustration over a lack of opportunities this season.

United have been open to letting the Frenchman depart this month on loan – with any permanent offers being unlikely due to his high wages and lengthy contract – but any offer must pay the entirety of his wages for the rest of the season and include a loan fee.

Sevilla’s bid to take Martial for the remainder of the campaign was rejected as it didn’t meet those terms and now the club appears to have conceded any hopes of signing him.

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“With the current conditions, it is not a feasible deal for us,” Arrivabene told Sevilla.ABC, via InsideFutbol.

“Taking into account certain numbers, there are no advanced talks and we are not expecting any lowering of demands from Manchester United.”

As a result, Martial now looks likely to stay at Old Trafford for the remainder of the season unless any other clubs make a move before deadline day on January 31.

The 26-year-old’s relationship with United appeared to deteriorate at the weekend as Ralf Rangnick claimed that he refused to travel for the Premier League fixture against Aston Villa on Saturday, in which the interim manager could only name eight players on a bench of nine, including two goalkeepers, with several other players unavailable.

Martial went on to deny Rangnick’s accusations and, following talks between the pair, he has rejoined the squad for Wednesday’s trip to Brentford.

“I’m here now for six weeks, all the things that need to be said I said after the press conference,” Rangnick said on the situation. “I had a conversation with him on Sunday, a personal conversation with him about what happened and how I saw the whole situation, the matter is now resolved.

“He didn’t train yesterday and the day before yesterday. He will probably train today and after training, I will then take the decision if he is nominated or not. But let’s see what will happen then.”

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