May 14, 2021

Man Utd


Roy Keane unhappy with final Edinson Cavani contract decision at Man Utd

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“He’d be a back-up striker, and he wouldn’t want to be a back-up striker. That’s why he’s reluctant to sign a new contract. And obviously his family reasons behind it.”

Keane also claimed United need to “put a marker down” this summer by making a marquee signing, adding: “Again, I will go back to the recruitment.

“I think United, going forward, certainly need to go and make a big, big signing – whether it be a Kane or a [Jack] Grealish, put a marker down. They probably need another centre-half, but I still think at the top end of the pitch, when we look at some of the games this year they’ve drawn, they’ve lacked that real bit of quality.

“They’ve got some brilliant players, there’s been progress, but the worry for Manchester United is that the next step now is the biggest and the hardest one and that is to go and get that league title. Liverpool were brilliant last year, Man City excellent this season, but United are still a bit short.”

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