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Ralf Rangnick reveals his fall-out with Man United striker Anthony Martial has been ‘resolved’ – Man Utd
May 18, 2022

Man Utd


Ralf Rangnick reveals his fall-out with Man United striker Anthony Martial has been ‘resolved’

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Ralf Rangnick says his fall-out with Anthony Martial has been resolved following clear-the-air talks with the Frenchman.

Rangnick claimed that Martial, who is pushing for a move in the January transfer window, told him that he did not want to be in the squad for Saturday’s trip to Aston Villa.

That brought an angry response from the 26-year-old who posted a message on social media saying that he would never refuse to play for United or disrespect the club.

Ralf Rangnick revealed he has resolved his differences with Man United star Anthony Martial

Ralf Rangnick revealed he has resolved his differences with Man United star Anthony Martial

Interim boss Rangnick insisted that Martial refused to play for United's clash with Aston Villa

Interim boss Rangnick insisted that Martial refused to play for United’s clash with Aston Villa

Interim boss Rangnick confirmed that the two men had met to discuss their differences at Carrington on Sunday and the matter was now closed.

‘I am here now for six weeks,’ said the German ahead of Wednesday’s trip to Brentford. ‘All the things that need to be said, I said after the press conference.

‘I had a personal conversation with him on Sunday about what happened and how I saw the whole situation, and the matter is now resolved.

Martial told Rangnick that he wanted to leave, but the pair have now held clear-the-air talks

Martial told Rangnick that he wanted to leave, but the pair have now held clear-the-air talks

Taking to social media, Martial hit back at Rangnick's claim, saying he never refused to play

Taking to social media, Martial hit back at Rangnick’s claim, saying he never refused to play

‘He trained yesterday and the day before yesterday. He will probably train today, and after training I will then take a decision if he is nominated or not. Let’s see what will happen then.’

Martial has not played for United since early December due to a knee injury and the uncertainty over his future at Old Trafford.

He met with Rangnick shortly after he began the job and told him of his desire to leave amid interest from Sevilla. 

However, United rejected a loan offer from the Spanish club because it did not cover all of the player’s £200,000-a-week wages.

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