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Questions still to be answered before the transfer window slams shut  – Man Utd
June 29, 2022

Man Utd


Questions still to be answered before the transfer window slams shut 

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The transfer window burst into life earlier this month when Gareth Bale and Thiago Alcantara completed sensational moves to the Premier League and there’s still time left for a few more eyebrows to be raised as the top-flight’s money men try to keep up with their rivals.

Liverpool moved quickly to bring in Thiago and Wolves striker Diogo Jota within a day of each other while Spurs announced the return of Bale and the capture of left-back Sergio Reguilon from Real Madrid.

Since then, Manchester City have splashed out on Ruben Dias and Chelsea are threatening to open the purse again despite already spending north of £240million bolstering their attacking options and signing a keeper. Now, Declan Rice is back on their radar.

With excitement set to build over the next week, what questions could be answered before this extended summer window closes at 11pm next Monday night?

Manchester United have been interested in Borussia Dortmund's Jadon Sancho all summer

Manchester United have been interested in Borussia Dortmund’s Jadon Sancho all summer

Will United go back in for Jadon Sancho… and strengthen their defence? 

After a dismal home defeat by Crystal Palace to open their Premier League campaign and a less-than-convicing win at Brighton, calls are growing louder for Manchester United to make their move in the transfer market. Former defenders Patrice Evra and Gary Neville have urged Ed Woodward to act, and even current left-back Luke Shaw has admitted they need investment.

Donny van de Beek struck a debut goal against Palace, but United looked tired and lethargic in their opener at Old Trafford and needed a late, late penalty to see off the Seagulls. Meanwhile, in Germany, Jadon Sancho ran the length of the pitch to set up Erling Haaland for a stunning Borussia Dortmund goal. A reminder of what could have been for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. Things didn’t quite go according to plan for Sancho and Co at Augsburg at the weekend but he is still the one United want.

There is talk that United have still not given up hope of prising Sancho away even as their hopes recede by the day. Either way they need to make a decision to go all in on the 20-year-old, or look elsewhere.

More pressing, the Red Devils desperately need to find a reliable partner for Harry Maguire as Victor Lindelof struggles. 

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer said before and after the Brighton game that he had faith in his central defenders. Are you sure, Ole?

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer (left) has plenty to ponder after the opening games of the season

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer (left) has plenty to ponder after the opening games of the season

Will Dele Alli get his move from Spurs?

Being left at home for a Europa League qualifier at Lokomotiv Plovdiv is one thing, but then being left out of the squad for two Premier League games on the bounce is another.

Jose Mourinho is already moaning that his squad is too big, and it appears that former golden boy Alli is the man who could be sacrificed.

The decision to omit Alli – who is the subject of interest from Paris Saint-Germain – from the squad to face Southampton left his team-mates stunned and he was a notable absentee again when Spurs hosted Newcastle.

Alli is a long-term target for PSG, and the French champions are understood to have started to explore a possible move for the 24-year-old ahead of next week’s deadline.

A season-long loan appears to be the most likely exit route if he leaves this summer. 

Dele Alli's days at Tottenham appear numbered with PSG interested in the midfielder

Dele Alli’s days at Tottenham appear numbered with PSG interested in the midfielder

Will Chelsea go for Declan Rice to fix their defence?

Chelsea were given a stark reminder of the gap between themselves and the top as they were swatted aside by champions Liverpool at Stamford Bridge on Sunday.

There’s no real shame in losing to the runaway champions but going 3-0 down to West Brom in their next league game, before blasting back for a draw, rang the alarm bells.

Summer signings Kai Havertz and Timo Werner look like they still have plenty of catching up to do and while Chelsea now have plenty of attacking options and goalkeeper Edouard Mendy brought in, the defence remains a big worry. 

Frank Lampard has appeared reluctant to invest in his defence and the one player he remains consistently linked with is West Ham’s Rice.

Though the England international features more in midfield, he is capable of playing in central defence and it is believed that is where Lampard wants him in his Chelsea side. Whether West Ham could afford to sanction a deal to sell Rice remains to be seen, but it is certain that Chelsea will test their resolve. 

Declan Rice could be yet another signing for Chelsea in their busy transfer window

Will Spurs test Southampton’s resolve to keep Danny Ings?

It’s a hard job being Harry Kane. 

Jose Mourinho has made no secret of his lack of options up front, and his desire to find real back-up for England captain Kane. 

Spurs, though, have been told Danny Ings is not for sale at any price after making an enquiry for the Southampton striker. And Saints boss Ralph Hasenhuttl is certainly in no mood to encourage any more transfer chat on the matter. 

‘He is 100 per cent happy to be here and, for us, it’s 100 per cent not discussable that we (allow to) leave one of the best strikers in Europe’, he said recently.

But with Mourinho clear on his target, how much further will Spurs go in their attempts to test Southampton’s resolve? 

Danny Ings is a target for Tottenham but Southampton are determined not to sell the striker

Danny Ings is a target for Tottenham but Southampton are determined not to sell the striker

 Can Arsenal convince Lyon to sell Aouar? 

It has been a perfect start for Arsenal in the Premier League this season, but Mikel Arteta is not resting on his laurels. He remains determined to overhaul his central midfield with Matteo Guendouzi out of favour and Lucas Torreira a target for Atletico Madrid.

The highly-rated Houssem Aouar of Lyon has emerged as one of the hottest properties in Europe after leading his side to the semi-finals of the Champions League last month.

Lyon are said to be holding out for a fee within the region of £44m, and their president Jean-Michel Aulas is not an easy negotiator. And if Arsenal are not to meet Lyon’s valuation, then there is little prospect of a deal being done: 

Club captain Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is hoping they keep at it, as he is reported as saying: ‘He’s a very good player. I hope we will be lucky to have these types of players at the club, I’m sure he can bring a lot to us.’

Arsenal remain in the hunt for Lyon captain Houssem Aouar after a standout season

Arsenal remain in the hunt for Lyon captain Houssem Aouar after a standout season

Can West Ham appease David Moyes? 

David Moyes’ second spell at West Ham was slowly turning into a nightmare. A bare summer in the transfer window returned just a permanent deal for Tomas Soucek.

There was dissension in the ranks, led by club captain Mark Noble, when the sale of Grady Diangana to West Brom was sanctioned. That he scored a belting goal for West Brom soon after won’t have smoothed the mood at the London Stadium.

After an abject home defeat by Newcastle on the opening weekend, West Ham were much improved as they went toe-to-toe with Arsenal, but were denied a penalty and hit by a late sucker-punch to lose 2-1. A 4-0 hammering of Wolves was a very unexpected surprise, even after a League Cup thrashing of Hull, for the Hammers faithful.

But defensive reinforcements remain a must, although Burnley are pricing them out of a move for James Tarkowski while Rice remains an active target for Chelsea. 

Between now and the end of October West Ham face Leicester, Tottenham, Manchester City and Liverpool and Moyes could do with some new faces. 

David Moyes is hoping to do some business in the next few weeks for West Ham

David Moyes is hoping to do some business in the next few weeks for West Ham

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