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Paul Scholes is right about Man United perfect Champions League gameplan – Man Utd
June 29, 2022

Man Utd


Paul Scholes is right about Man United perfect Champions League gameplan

3 min read

At the time, everyone thought it was a one-off, a freak result.

Several weeks down the line and it still appeared that way, as Ed Woodward’s decision to hand Ole Gunnar Solskjaer the permanent Manchester United manager’s job based on one night in Paris was beginning to look like a mistake. The reality was that United’s comeback victory in the 2018/19 Champions League last 16 against PSG was the exception rather than the rule, as a beleaguered Solskjaer finished the season with meek performances against relegated Huddersfield and Cardiff City. He had become incensed at his own players, the ones who’d achieved that win at the Parc des Princes, after a 4-0 shellacking at Everton.

The words ‘reboot’ and ‘rebuilt’ were used regularly in that summer at Old Trafford, though whether they ever come to total fruition still remains to be seen. What the Norwegian has proved, however, in the 18 months since that awful end to his debut United season is a genuine ability to win big games.

PSG (twice), Manchester City (twice), Chelsea (three times), Tottenham and now RB Leipzig. Invariably if United are faced with a challenge that seems insurmountable, under Solskjaer they find a way. The opposite side to the coin is their frustrating lack of lustre against teams like Crystal Palace, Brighton and West Ham, but when asked to provide a solid defensive base and a sharp counter-attack, Solskjaer is king. The PSG result in 2019 was no freak. Wednesday night’s Leipzig display was the zenith.

Which is why the derision from rivals fans aimed at United legend Paul Scholes on Wednesday night is misplaced. The former midfield technical even drew laughter from his fellow BT Sport pundits after the 5-0 drubbing of Leipzig when he refused to rule out United as possible Champions League victors.

“Why not?” he smirked in typical Scholes fashion when asked by Gary Lineker, before adding: “The way they set up, they can beat anyone with this level of performance.” He refused to write them off, despite colleague Rio Ferdinand preaching for calm despite the two superb wins so far.

Scholes rightly highlighted holders Bayern Munich as the only truly elite team in this year’s Champions League, on the evidence so far. All the other pretenders are flawed in one way or the other.

Real Madrid have not won either of their group stage games so far, Barcelona are in the midst of a turbulent transition period, Juventus are ageing and were beaten by that Barca team. The English candidates, Man City and Liverpool, have looked vulnerable in the Premier League this season.

Now this is not saying United are the best team in Europe. They are not even close to being the best team in England. To reach either of those mantles, Solskjaer must develop a consistency and ruthlessness in his side’s performances that has been lacking throughout his tenure. They must swat aside Istanbul Basaksehir, they must cruise beyond West Brom, Southampton and West Ham after the next international break, they must get at least four points from the next two tricky Premier League games against Arsenal and Everton.

United are far from being the complete team. Everyone knows that. But with Solskjaer’s big game formula they are, seemingly, able to achieve one-off results against the best in the business. That could be the perfect recipe for a long journey into the latter stages of the Champions League this season. Don’t rule it out.

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