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Paul Pogba stuns Ralf Rangnick with return to Manchester United training – Man Utd
May 18, 2022

Man Utd


Paul Pogba stuns Ralf Rangnick with return to Manchester United training

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Paul Pogba could make his comeback from injury in Manchester United’s FA Cup fourth round tie against Middlesbrough on February 4 after an ‘extraordinary’ return to training on Monday.

Pogba was expected to be sidelined with a thigh injury until next month but posed alongside Tom Heaton, Marcus Rashford, Phil Jones, Donny van de Beek, Luke Shaw, Marcus Rashford and Cristiano Ronaldo in a ‘winning team’ picture Ronaldo posted on his social media accounts on Monday.

The Frenchman then uploaded the photo onto his Instagram account and said ‘guess who’s back on the pitch’ and he was ‘happy to be back with the lads’.

United interim manager Ralf Rangnick said Pogba gave an ‘extraordinary’ training performance on his return from injury but the 28-year-old is not under consideration to play in either of this week’s Premier League games against Brentford and West Ham.

United do not play for 13 days after the West Ham match due to internationals outside Europe and Rangnick is optimistic Pogba should be match-fit for the visit of Boro.

“Paul Pogba had his first day of training with the whole group yesterday and in the first training session he showed what an extraordinary player he could be,” Rangnick said. “He will not be available for the two games this week but hopefully after the international when we have the cup game against Middlesbrough and the away game against Burnley I think he could be an option.”

Pogba is out of contract in June and Rangnick was unable to provide any update on the midfielder’s future, with the France international still expected to leave United on a free.

“I don’t know, the second part of your question I can’t answer, because it’s not me dealing with this, I’m not negotiating future contracts with players,” Rangnick added. “But what you could see from the very first day in training yesterday is he’s present, physically present, mentally present.

“And what I saw in training yesterday is very promising for the future and I very much look forward to have him available in two weeks’ time after the international break. I think he will be a serious candidate for the first XI.”

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