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Owen Hargreaves claims Marcus Rashford will CAPTAIN Manchester United one day – Man Utd
June 29, 2022

Man Utd


Owen Hargreaves claims Marcus Rashford will CAPTAIN Manchester United one day

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Owen Hargreaves believes Marcus Rashford will captain Manchester United one day after showing leadership qualities during their Europa League clash with Leipzig. 

Rashford scored three inside 20 minutes as Man United beat last year’s Champions League semi-finalists RB Leipzig 5-0. 

However, when given the opportunity to secure his hat-trick when the Red Devils were awarded a penalty with the scoreline 3-0, Rashford allowed Anthony Martial to take the shot. 

Owen Hargreaves claims Marcus Rashford will become the Manchester United captain

Owen Hargreaves claims Marcus Rashford will become the Manchester United captain

Not only did Martial score his first goal of the season, Rashford went on to score his third of the game in the 92nd minute. 

Speaking of Rashford’s decision to let Martial take the penalty, Hargreaves said: ‘I love that – he’s looking out for his teammates. Marcus knows he’s gonna get his numbers, I love that. 

‘That’s being a great teammate. That’s why he’s gonna be the captain because he thinks about everyone else.’ 

Rio Ferdinand, on the other hand, felt that Rashford should have been ruthless and followed the likes of Messi and Ronaldo by taking the penalty himself. 

Ferdinand said: ‘Messi and Ronaldo ain’t giving a pen away!’ but did later admit that Rashford is ‘somebody who’s intent on improving himself and becoming a better player. ‘

Hargreaves (above) believes Rashford will be captain as he 'thinks about everyone else'

Hargreaves (above) believes Rashford will be captain as he ‘thinks about everyone else’

Rashford let Anthony Martial to take a penalty despite being one away from a hat-trick

Rashford let Anthony Martial to take a penalty despite being one away from a hat-trick

Trevor Sinclair previously back Rashford to become United’s captain for the same reason’s as Hargreaves. He believes the striker ‘leads by example’ and ‘has that kind of spirit and drive that can rub off on other players’. 

He told TalkSport: ‘I don’t often look at strikers and think ‘oh yeah, captain material.

‘You look at players like Alan Shearer, he was captain of Newcastle. I know he was more vocal and more experienced but I feel Rashford has that kind of spirit and drive to want to succeed and that can rub off on players.

‘Maybe it’ll be one of those things where Ole Gunnar Solskjaer will give him the armband when the captain is injured.

‘He leads by example with his actions. I mentioned quite a few months ago that I feel he’s someone that you’d look at and say he’s got the potential to be captain material at Manchester United.

‘He’s been doing a lot of work to feed children in Manchester over the COVID-19 period, he’s been given an award by the High Sheriff of Greater Manchester. He’s been feeding 2.8million kids per week which is unbelievable. That just shows what kind of character he is.’  

The England international forward's work to help tackle child poverty, working closely with charity FareShare, has touched upon the values of humanity, kindness and civility, too

The England international forward’s work to help tackle child poverty, working closely with charity FareShare, has touched upon the values of humanity, kindness and civility, too

Rashford has been demonstrating the power of sport to leverage through his work in feeding underprivileged children. 

The England forward has been campaigning for the government to provide free lunches amid fears of the ramifications of the coronavirus pandemic. 

Such work has seen him be awarded an honorary doctorate from the University of Manchester, an MBE and the Pride of Britain Award. 

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