April 19, 2021

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Nemanja Matic lifts lid on awkward Harry Maguire conversation after fining Man Utd captain

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Harry Maguire is the one who normally calls the shots at Manchester United on the pitch as club captain. But around the training ground, it appears that Nemanja Matic has a pretty big say, especially when it comes to disciplining his team-mates.

Nemanja Matic has revealed all on the awkward conversation he had with Manchester United captain Harry Maguire after fining the England defender.

As one of the more senior players Matic has been handed the important role of fines master at United.

And after laying out the rules with club captain Maguire, the Serb admits that was forced to dish out a fine to the man himself after one little slip up.

“He was fined, yeah,” Matic explained to the club’s official website. “He brought his phone to the gym.

“The problem was [that] me and him, we decide what are the fines! A few days later, he brought the phone to the gym, so I said, ‘Harry, I’m sorry…’

“It’s very important, discipline, in our team, so that’s why we made some basic rules.

“Not to be late for training, not to be late for meetings, no phones in the gym. The guys struggled to adapt for a few months, so we had a lot of money in our account, but it’s going to be better!”

Maguire, though, insists that the fine was harsh, but also said that he’s not the first one to fall foul of Matic’s strict rules.

“I’ve been fined once which is still debatable,” he complained. “It’s crazy, but I let Nemanja do it.

“I took the hit and put the money in the pot. When you meet in the gym before training for pre-activation, you are not allowed your phone. We did pre-activation; I didn’t have my phone.

“But then you go outside to put your boots on and you aren’t allowed to go on your phone in that period. I had my phone and carried it out with me.

“[But] I wasn’t on my phone. Straight after training, I was going to put my trainers back on and go up for a massage instead of coming all the way back [to the changing room].

“I could have gone straight to a massage, and Nemanja fined me for that. But he’s strict with everyone so I’m happy. I can set the standard.”

It seems that his rules are so stern that Matic even had to fine himself, though he is hoping that Paul Pogba will foot some of the bill as he was partly to blame.

“I have to say, just before the Newcastle game, I fined myself,” Matic laughed. “I was late for a meeting by two seconds, and the rules are the same for everyone. I had to fine myself, because they catch me!

“I was late to the meeting. In front of the room [where the meeting was taking place] I was talking to Paul [Pogba], so I will ask him to pay 50 per cent of my fine. I don’t know if he will accept!”

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