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Manchester United told to sign three players to replace Pogba, Lingard and Martial – Man Utd
May 18, 2022

Man Utd


Manchester United told to sign three players to replace Pogba, Lingard and Martial

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Manchester United shouldn’t look to make any signings in January and instead focus their energy on preparing for the next summer transfer window.

That’s according to Mikael Silvestre, who believes the club will have a task on their hands to replace Paul Pogba,Anthony Martial and Jesse Lingard should they leave Old Trafford.

United now have less than two weeks to make additions to their squad this month but, though the club is open to recruiting a defensive midfielder, any signings are looking unlikely.

Ralf Rangnick’s side has struggled in recent weeks, with the results now matching the poor performances following a defeat to Wolves and draw with Aston Villa, yet Silvestre thinks any arrivals in January would just make the interim manager’s job harder.

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“I don’t think United needs to make any signings now because this is not the best window, we don’t prepare really for January,” the Frenchman told the Manchester Evening News , in association with Slingo.

“When you’re looking at transfers you have to look at the entire season so obviously, you can’t adjust. it’s a smaller window, with fewer opportunities.

“You need to offload players before you sign any because you’re going to give Ralf a headache if you sign more. He’s got enough.

“As long as everybody’s fit that’s fine, which it looks like is now the case with Phil Jones and Paul Pogba back in training. Eric [Bailly] has gone to Africa Cup of Nations but will be back soon so only if one or two leave then sign but otherwise there’s no point.

“You’d rather prepare your summer window with more time.”

United will have to prepare well because they’re bound to have a busy summer in store.

Not only does a permanent manager need to be hired but United could lose several key players, with Pogba and Lingard likely to leave when their contracts expire and Martial making it clear he wants out of Old Trafford.

Silvestre believes replacing such high calibre players will have to be a big priority.

“If Paul goes, Jesse goes on a free and if Anthony Martial goes then obviously this is three key players, players you need to replace,” he added.

“Two French internationals, one English international so a high level. So that will be the clear positions they need to go for.”

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