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Manchester United impact on English football laid bare by remarkable academy reach – Man Utd
May 18, 2022

Man Utd


Manchester United impact on English football laid bare by remarkable academy reach

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Manchester United are the leading producers of academy players to the English football structure, eclipsing Chelsea and Manchester City with a total of 71 players across the four tiers, a report has found.

The Reds have a number of graduates in the current squad with Scott McTominay, Marcus Rashford and Mason Greenwood among those in contention on a weekly basis, while the likes of Brandon Williams are out on loan.

James Garner is another impressing elsewhere, attracting interest during his second stint at the City Ground with Nottingham Forest and was among the standouts in their FA Cup third round win over Arsenal.

Previous graduates such as Cameron Borthwick-Jackson and Callum Wilson are other notable names across England.

A report by BettingOdds.com found that United have produced 71 footballers currently playing in the Premier League, Championship and Leagues One and Two either on loan or permanent moves, with Chelsea – recently lauded for bringing through the likes of Mason Mount, Reece James, Tammy Abraham and Trevor Chalobah – trailing with 52 players.

Tottenham and Everton have brought through 46 prospects currently plying their trade in the game, while Manchester City and Arsenal boast 45.

The Toffees lead production in the bottom two tiers with the likes of Callum Connolly, Antony Evans and Nathan Holland forming part of the 29 players in League One and League Two.

And the Reds’ famous academy ranks have moulded 22 players in the Championship. Blackburn Rovers’ Joe Rothwell, who has seven assists and three goals this season, was a part of the academy setup until 2013 and Derby County duo Tom Lawrence and Ravel Morrison just a couple of the 22.

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