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Manchester United have learned from Paul Pogba mistake – Man Utd
June 29, 2022

Man Utd


Manchester United have learned from Paul Pogba mistake

3 min read

It is no coincidence that when Paul Pogba plays well Manchester United play well too.

The French midfielder remains the most gifted player at the club, although his performances on the pitch don’t always give a clear indication of his complex skill set.

His open flirtation with Real Madrid earlier in the month once again brought into question his long-term commitment to the club, but after three trophyless seasons at Old Trafford you can understand why he wants better for his own medal collection.

The biggest worry for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has been working out how to use Pogba effectively, though it looks like he might have finally found his answer.

As the most talented and most expensive member of the team, there is a pressure on Solskjaer to get the best out of his World Cup winner — something which led to his mismanagement at the start of the season.

Pogba tested positive for coronavirus in late August but just three weeks later he was starting for United in their dreary opening day defeat to Crystal Palace. The 27-year-old had only been in a handful of first-team training sessions leading up to the match and quite clearly should not have started the game, as Solskjaer later admitted.

He was rested for the trip to face Luton Town but again back from the start in poor performances against Brighton and Tottenham in the Premier League. Pogba looked a shadow of his former self, that is because he was.

The international break gave the 27-year-old the opportunity to gain further fitness away with France but Solskjaer knew something had to change from the Tottenham horror show. His solution has been perfect.

A midfield shake-up to Fred and Scott McTominay saw United solidify at the back with the expense of attacking threat, but allowed Pogba and Donny van de Beek to be introduced as impact substitutes from the bench.

Three encouraging midfield cameos against Newcastle, Paris Saint-Germain and Chelsea saw Pogba introduced into the match with the freedom of being a game-changer, rather than the pressure of keeping things tight early on. It meant the French midfielder was coming into the matches with a clear attacking role to play and it is one in which he has flourished.

It is also no open secret that Pogba plays his best football on the left of a midfield three, with the formation switch against RB Leipzig perhaps the perfect set-up going forward for the current first-team squad.

United’s lack of natural wingers is catered for by a narrower style of play while their midfield balance is perfect in allowing Pogba, Bruno Fernandes and Fred to all play in their preferred roles. Such a set-up also leaves them strong in reserve, with two of Nemanja Matic, Scott McTominay and Van de Beek options from the bench when required later in the game.

Despite playing far less since the international break Pogba’s impact on the pitch has been far bigger with his role as an impact substitute. Going forward there is now the option of introducing him to prey upon tired opposition legs or getting the best from him with a formation change from the start.

It might have taken longer than it should have done, but Solskjaer finally knows his best system for getting his best player to flourish.

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