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Manchester United give team news and Cristiano Ronaldo injury update ahead of Brentford fixture – Man Utd
May 18, 2022

Man Utd


Manchester United give team news and Cristiano Ronaldo injury update ahead of Brentford fixture

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Ralf Rangnick is hopeful Cristiano Ronaldo and Marcus Rashford will be fit for Manchester United’s match at Brentford on Wednesday night.

Ronaldo and Rashford were absent from the squad for the 2-2 draw at Aston Villa on Saturday when Rangnick had expected both to be available.

The pair trained on Monday, along with the returning Paul Pogba, and Rangnick will wait until after United’s final training session on Tuesday to decide whether to select both players in the travelling squad.

“Cristiano and Marcus were training yesterday, so I suppose they will also be training today,” Rangnick explained. “But in the press conference before the Villa game I was also convinced Cristiano would be available and he wasn’t, the same with Marcus.

“So we have to wait for the training session today in an hour’s time. Right now, I think they both could be available.”

Paul Pogba is back in training after two-and-a-half months out with a thigh injury but will not be considered for selection against Brentford or West Ham on Saturday.

Luke Shaw and Scott McTominay are in contention to return to the United side after they served one-match suspensions at Villa. Harry Maguire is vying to return at centre-back.

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