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Manchester United: Garth Crooks SLAMS ‘prima donna’ Cristiano Ronaldo for his ‘irritating’ behaviour – Man Utd
May 18, 2022

Man Utd


Manchester United: Garth Crooks SLAMS ‘prima donna’ Cristiano Ronaldo for his ‘irritating’ behaviour

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Garth Crooks has branded Cristiano Ronaldo as ‘irritating’ for questioning his Manchester United team-mates’ mentality – when he should be looking at his own behaviour instead.

The Portuguese striker took aim at his younger United team-mates in an explosive interview last week where told them to listen to his advice so they can secure a top-three finish this season.

While his words were backed by United fans up and down the country, BBC pundit Crooks took issue with the forward, saying he expects better from the 36-year-old.

Cristiano Ronaldo questioned his Manchester United team-mates' mentality last week

Garth Crooks (pictured) believes Ronaldo must look at his own behaviour first

Garth Crooks (right) has branded ‘irritating’ Cristiano Ronaldo (left) as a ‘prima donna’

Crooks' comments come after Ronaldo questioned his team-mates' mentality

Crooks’ comments come after Ronaldo questioned his team-mates’ mentality

Crooks – who made seven appearances for United while on loan from Tottenham in the 1980s – claimed that Ronaldo has acted like a ‘prima donna’ ever since returning to Old Trafford last summer, saying he constantly ‘throws his arms up in the air when things doesn’t go his way’ while he blames others for United’s misfortunes.

In his Team of the Week column for BBC Sport, Crooks wrote: ‘Manchester United interim boss Ralf Rangnick wants his players to hold each other to account after Cristiano Ronaldo questioned their mentality.

‘Ronaldo has expressed concern about the attitude of some his team-mates and suggested it needs to be better for United to be successful this term.

‘I couldn’t agree more – and it should start with him. Ever since he returned to Old Trafford the Portuguese international has behaved like a prima donna.

Crooks says he 'expects better' from the Portuguese star, who re-joined United in the summer

Crooks says he ‘expects better’ from the Portuguese star, who re-joined United in the summer

‘He may be the star of the show but the constant waving of his hands in the air when events don’t go his way – a sign that the crowd’s moans and groans regarding United’s failures are all down to his team-mates and nothing to do with him – is irritating.’

Crooks also said he ‘expects better’ from Ronaldo and that he must realise he’s no longer at serial-winners Real Madrid or Juventus, with United no longer the top of the pile in England.

Ronaldo is United’s top scorer this season with 14 goals in 22 appearances this season. 

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