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Manchester United: Aberdeen’s Calvin Ramsay on radar as club join host of teams in scouting teenager – Man Utd
May 18, 2022

Man Utd


Manchester United: Aberdeen’s Calvin Ramsay on radar as club join host of teams in scouting teenager

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Manchester United led a posse of English Premier League clubs running the rule over Aberdeen’s wanted full-back Calvin Ramsay in Tuesday’s 1-1 draw with Rangers.

Tottenham, Leicester City, Southampton and Leeds United all dispatched scouts to Pittodrie to track the coveted 18-year-old before he cramped up after 74 minutes. Bologna of Italy and Germany‘s Eintracht Frankfurt have also asked to be kept in the loop over developments.

Reluctant to put a precise figure on the head of their teenage asset, Aberdeen are seeking a fee in excess of £6million to sell in the current window. The Pittodrie side would also ask any buying club to send the youngster back on loan for the rest of this season.

Man United led a posse of Premier League clubs monitoring Aberdeen's Calvin Ramsay

Man United led a posse of Premier League clubs monitoring Aberdeen’s Calvin Ramsay

Scottish full-backs Kieran Tierney, Aaron Hickey, Nathan Patterson and Andy Robertson have all gone for large fees in recent years and former Aberdeen manager Derek McInnes expects Ramsay to be next.

Now boss of Kilmarnock McInnes told Sky Sports: ‘He’s a terrific kid, he comes from a good family and has a really good agent who looks after him.

‘He has obviously got himself in the team this season. His best form of defending is his attacking, like most modern full backs. That will appeal to a lot of teams in England.

United and four Premier League rivals scouted Ramsay in Aberdeen's draw with Rangers

United and four Premier League rivals scouted Ramsay in Aberdeen’s draw with Rangers

Aberdeen are looking for a fee in excess of £6million for the teenager in the January window

Aberdeen are looking for a fee in excess of £6million for the teenager in the January window

‘I think he will go in this window. The money potentially there for Aberdeen will be tough for him to turn down. The hope for Aberdeen is that they get him back on loan, and that he will still be an Aberdeen player to help them this season.’

Aberdeen are also bracing themselves for interest in Scotland midfielder Lewis Ferguson.

Scorer of the penalty kick which earned a valuable point against Rangers, the 22-year-old is a target for Cagliari.

Aberdeen are also bracing themselves for interest in Scotland midfielder Lewis Ferguson

Aberdeen are also bracing themselves for interest in Scotland midfielder Lewis Ferguson

And while there has been no approach as yet, Sportsmail understands the Serie A strugglers will firm up their interest once they complete the sale of midfielder Nandez.

A target for Torino and Inter Milan, the Uruguayan’s anticipated departure would trigger a written proposal to Aberdeen.

Dons midfielder Ryan Hedges, meanwhile, is a pre-contract target for Championship promotion chasers Blackburn Rovers.

Unsuccessful with a £400k offer in the summer, Tony Mowbray’s side are reluctant to offer the same money in the current window and are now willing to wait until summer to take the Welsh international.

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