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Man Utd’s Anthony Martial makes decision on Tottenham and Newcastle moves – Man Utd
May 18, 2022

Man Utd


Man Utd’s Anthony Martial makes decision on Tottenham and Newcastle moves

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Anthony Martial has reportedly turned down approaches from Premier League pair Tottenham and Newcastle as he holds out for a move abroad. The wantaway Manchester United forward has openly expressed his desire to depart Old Trafford this month and appears to be growing increasingly frustrated by the club’s substantial demands.

The Frenchman has made no secret of his plans to seek a new challenge this January after seven seasons with the Red Devils having joined from Monaco back in the summer of 2015 for an initial fee of £36million.

However, the 26-yard-old has seen his hopes dashed by United as they have already priced the likes of Sevilla out of a move as a result of their strict stipulations.

It has been widely documented in recent weeks that the Spanish side submitted a loan bid, but such offer was declined by United, who are holding out for a deal which would see interested parties cover the full cost of Martial’s £150,000-a-week salary, in addition to a loan fee.

However, according to the Guardian, the out-of-favour forward is still very much hoping to secure a move abroad this month, having rejected both Tottenham and Newcastle.

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Martial is believed to harbour no intentions of joining another Premier League team on a short-term deal amid reported interest from a number of foreign sides.

Juventus are another club who have been heavily linked with a move for the French forward and have reportedly expressed an interest in signing the player this month, while Barcelona are also believed to have made initial enquiries.

Both of the European giants are in the market for striking reinforcements this January and have placed the United attacker on their list of potential candidates.

However, any deal to allow Martial to depart appears to ultimately hinge on whether United will reduce their demands and pay a portion of the player’s hefty wages.


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Sevilla’s loan bid, which reportedly included the proposal of paying half of the player’s wages, was rejected by United at the end of last month and the La Liga side appear unwilling to match the Red Devils’ significant requests.

Martial has appeared to have grown increasingly frustrated at the situation and was accused by manager Ralf Rangnick of refusing to be involved in United’s matchday squad against Aston Villa – a claim the player himself strongly refuted.

Following United’s 2-2 draw at Villa Park, Rangnick revealed: “He [Martial] didn’t want to be in the squad.

“He would have been in the squad normally but he didn’t want to be and that’s the reason why he wasn’t with us.”

However, the Frenchman hit back at the accusations on Instagram, posting: “I will never refuse to play a match for Man United. I’ve been here for seven years and I never disrespected, and will never disrespect, the club and the fans.”

It’s been a difficult season so far for the striker, who became the most expensive teenager in world football when he arrived in Manchester seven years ago.

Martial has been scarcely used by United’s interim boss Rangnick since his appointment and has only managed one goal in seven appearances across all competitions this term.

A number of injuries have only compounded the forward’s hopes of game-time this campaign and the player very much views a move away from Old Trafford as an opportunity to steer his stalling career back on track.

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