May 15, 2021

Man Utd


Man Utd star Bruno Fernandes explains why Paul Pogba partnership is better now

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“It’s getting better, the connections with the team, because when you have those kind of connections, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a game of cards, perudo now, and ludo is the one I sometimes play with Fred.

“I think it’s really good for us and the team. You know, sometimes, it’s just five or six of us playing but the rest of the team is watching and saying don’t put that, put this or don’t say that, say this.

“That’s good for the spirit of the team and it’s really good.

“I think Paul is one of the players who has a good spirit, good moments in the dressing room. He’s a really funny guy and can always have something good to say to make people laugh.”

Rather amusingly, Fernandes also revealed he was yet to visit a beach since moving to Manchester in January last year.

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