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Man Utd learning lessons from old by abandoning Ed Woodward transfer strategy – Man Utd
May 18, 2022

Man Utd


Man Utd learning lessons from old by abandoning Ed Woodward transfer strategy

1 min read

If West Ham win their game in hand, they will climb above United into the final Europa League spot. Much of United’s transfer activity could depend on how they’re able to convince the top players to join heading into a season potentially in the Europa Conference League.

Tottenham found out the hard way last summer in trying to lure top targets to the club after they could only qualify for the lesser European competition. A lot will also depend on Ten Hag when he eventually arrives and whether his targets align with what the United board wants.

Reports have indicated that United will look to sign at least two central midfielders, a striker and more defensive recruits. But Ten Hag may well be working with a limited budget, unless United are able to offload a number of fringe players to raise funds.

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