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Man United accounts confirm Ed Woodward as highest-paid Premier League chief with £2.9m salary – Man Utd
May 18, 2022

Man Utd


Man United accounts confirm Ed Woodward as highest-paid Premier League chief with £2.9m salary

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Ed Woodward earned £2.916million during his final full year at Manchester United, making him the highest-paid club chief in the Premier League.

Financial figures revealed in Manchester United Football Club Ltd’s accounts posted at Companies House on Wednesday confirmed Woodward’s official earning for the period.

The departing executive vice-chairman actually saw his wage drop by £171,000 compared to the previously publicised figure of £3.087m.

The official wording of United’s accounts read: “The number of directors who held office during the year and were members of a defined contribution scheme was 1 (2020:1) Emoluments of the highest paid director amounted to £2,916,000 (2020: £3,087,000), including Company contributions to defined contribution schemes of £nil (2020: £nil).”

Woodward, 50, will leave his role as United executive vice-chairman on February 1, with Richard Arnold to succeed him as chief executive.

Woodward tendered his resignation last April following support for the ill-fated Super League and the expectation had been Arnold would succeed him.

The outgoing executive vice-chairman will not undertake any consultancy period but club sources say he will attend football board meetings until the end of June to help oversee a smooth transition. Woodward will not stay on as a consultant beyond then.

Arnold will become the first person to hold the chief executive title at United since David Gill stepped down in 2013.

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