Sat. Nov 28th, 2020

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Julian Nagelsmann sets tongues wagging with his ‘special’ suit for Manchester United showdown 

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Julian Nagelsmann set tongues wagging with his latest sideline attire for Leipzig’s Europa League clash with Manchester United.

Nagelsmann claimed that the special occasion would require a ‘special’ outfit, but fans have been quick to mock the manager’s look on social media. 

Having worn a slim fitting waist coat, a silver tie and a black and white jacket, fans questioned whether Nagelsmann is managing a football team or joining a barbershop quartet. 

All eyes are on Julian Nagelsmann in his 'special' attire for Leipzig's Europa League game

All eyes are on Julian Nagelsmann in his ‘special’ attire for Leipzig’s Europa League game

Nagelsmann eluded to the nature of his attire before the game, telling fans he had planned a ‘special’ suit for the game. 

He said: ‘I have a special one for Wednesday as well. The trouser will not be that special but the rest is kind of special. Not as special as the suit against PSG but it is ok. It is a bit British style.

‘A friend of mine sent me messages about it and pictures from Instagram. It’s not a problem. I only laugh about it. I wear these things I like and at the end I try to do my best with my work.’

Safe to say fans haven’t been convinced on his latest look, with some claiming his outfit has come straight off the ‘Topman reduced rail’. 

While others claimed that he looked like he just turned up to prom by wearing a three piece suit. 

Another insisted that ‘Nagelsmann obviously lost a bet and his forfeit was having to wear that hideous jacket on live TV.’ 

Before one fan questioned if Nagelsmann missed ‘the memo that Halloween is on Saturday?’

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