May 13, 2021

Man Utd


How Champions League & Europa League could look without Man United and Man City

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European football has endured a seismic change following the announcement of plans for a new Super League, which would replace UEFA’s Champions League and Europa League.

Manchester United and Manchester City are among the 12 clubs who were part of the announcement on Sunday evening, where they were joined by Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal and Tottenham from the Premier League.

England’s top flight issued a statement condemning the breakaway competition, while UEFA chief Alexander Ceferin slamming the clubs involved and declaring that there could be immediate action against the clubs.

That may include immediate expulsion from European competition this season, where United and City are semi-finalists in the Europa League and Champions League respectively.

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Next season, UEFA’s competitions could look extremely different due to the likely absence of the six English sides that have elected to break away from the established set-up and it leaves an intriguing situation.

As it stands, the four spots in the Champions League from within the Premier League would involve Leicester City, West Ham, Everton and Leeds United.

Similar changes in Europe would occur, with Atalanta, Napoli, Roma and Lazio from Italy’s Serie A, Sevilla, Villarreal, Real Betis and Real Sociedad from La Liga.

In the Europa League, three spots from the Premier League would be taken by Aston Villa, Wolves and Crystal Palace.

Sassuolo, Verona and Sampdoria would be the inclusions from Italy, with Granada, Levante and Celta Vigo the three clubs from Spain.

It remains to be seen whether UEFA will flex their muscles and expel the European clubs who have broken away but, if they did, it would lead to significantly different competitors in the established competitions.

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