May 15, 2021

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Everything Roy Keane said about Man United, Kane transfer and Mourinho

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Roy Keane’s appearances on Super Sunday are always likely to get tongues wagging.

The former Manchester United captain has become a popular pundit due to his no-nonsense style and straight-talking approach.

Needless to say, Keane had a lot to talk about on Sunday, with United running out 3-1 winners over Jose Mourinho’s Tottenham Hotspur.

Here is everything Keane said on matters relating to Man United.

On Harry Kane

“It’s only natural for us to speculate about Kane if they don’t get in the Champions League. Obviously he must be getting frustrated.

“Obviously he’s a huge player for Spurs, a brilliant professional, a fantastic player.

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“And if they don’t get in the Champions League, and not competing at the top of the league, then it’s only natural for Harry Kane from a selfish point of view to look at his options.

“And he’s got some great options out there because he’s a world-class striker, and there’s not many out there.”

On Jesse Lingard

“What I’ll give Jesse credit for is he’s turned up at West Ham, having not played much football for Man United over the last few months, so he’s obviously kept himself in good shape, it’s the sign of a good pro.

“He had a difficult spell at Man United, maybe took his eye off the ball off the field, but he looks focused, looks hungry, he always had that talent and it’s great to see it.”

On United’s goalkeepers

I wouldn’t agree with Ole, I think he sees Dean Henderson as his number one now.

“He’s given him a run of games – okay, he played De Gea in the week, which was a comfortable game.

“He’s given Dean his trust in him now to play in the big games. He’s certainly going to get until the end of the season, unless he has a complete disaster, so I think De Gea is under huge pressure now to try and get his position back in the team.”

On United’s disallowed goal

“I’m amazed, really, I have to say. If that’s a foul, we should all go home, it’s really bizarre. For a player like Son to roll around like that, it’s embarrassing.

“Cavani’s movement is fantastic. That cannot be a foul, it’s not just Son – to be fair, Rashford did it 10 minutes earlier, both centre-forwards rolling around screaming.

“The referee is under huge pressure, they’re doubting every decision they make now. I think he’s got this wrong.”

On United’s performance

“We mentioned at half-time, and he mentioned there that Ole told them to keep calm. With the quality that United have, they were always going to come back into the game.

“We saw that in the second half, they were the much better team, they showed their quality, Greenwood made a big contribution coming off the bench.

“Chalk and cheese from the first half, United, as we’ve seen many times this season, very poor, but the second-half, outstanding.

“Ole will be scratching his head as to why they’re so slow to start games but you’ve got to admire the players, we talk about character.”

On Jose Mourinho

“He’s obviously frustrated. It’s been a difficult month for him, getting knocked out of Europe, a couple of points last week, it wasn’t that bad but you never thought they were going to win the game.

“There’s a softness in this team, if you just look at the points they’ve dropped.

“He’s clearly frustrated, you can tell that. He’s a bit paranoid now when he’s talking to the media because there’s a lot of spin put on it afterwards and it’s as if he’s criticising the players. So, I’d say he’s frustrated.

“We all remember over the years, particularly when his teams go in front, they’d rarely get beaten, they might end up drawing it, but to lose so many points as they have been doing I suppose is a sad reflection on Spurs and Mourinho himself.

“He’s got a great record, he’s come into Spurs to compete, but they’ve ended up finishing sixth or seventh, that’s not why they employed him. They employed him to compete for the Champions League and win trophies, at this moment in time, they’re having a difficult spell.”

On whether he would sack Mourinho

“I certainly wouldn’t, no, because I think his CV warrants him to stay longer in the job. I said that at Manchester United.

“We don’t know what’s going on in the background, sometimes his relationship with board members or players, he can fall out with people.

“But from a footballing point of view, I would have course stick with him because his CV warrants certainly another year or two at the club.

“I’d say that anyway about giving managers a chance because I’ve been a manager and sometimes it does take a bit longer, even for the great managers.”

On Fred’s performance

“Just as well Fred scored because I thought he was dreadful, I don’t know what people are talking about.

“But again good link-up play from United, which is what they are good at. One-two in and around the box, poor defending from Tottenham and Fred on the spot.

“I thought he [Fred] was even going to miss that [goal], but lovely play.”

On Edison Cavani

“Ole’s made it clear that they are trying to keep him. He’s got the option of another year but he’s an experienced player and you’ve got to respect that.

“Ole made some good points that there’s a lot been going on in the background with the family situation, Covid and moving to a new country.

“There’s no doubting his quality. You obviously wouldn’t get him for 40 or 50 games a season, so would Cavani then want to be a squad player? They’re probably in the market for another striker, so there’s a lot to go into the mix.

“Today would have done him the world of good, playing in an important game and scoring, but the big question mark is I’d love him to stay as he’s great to watch.”

On United needing a new striker

Martial with his injury problems, you wouldn’t hang your hat on him. Cavani is pushing on, you wouldn’t expect him to be playing every week.

“If United want to get back to winning titles then they certainly need another striker.”

He added: “Kane, Haaland – I’d take any of them.

“Probably Haaland because of his age and the investment behind it, but I wouldn’t say no to Kane either if he’s the second option.

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“Kane today would be looking at this United team, who have obviously made progress in the last 12 months.

“Surely Kane must be thinking: ‘Listen, I could be the top man at Manchester United up front’, with the service he would be getting. Kane must fancy a United move.

“I think Kane fancies United. Just a gut feeling.

“If Kane is in the United team, then it’s as night follows day, yeah. Man United have closed the gap on Man City and Kane would be a huge step.”

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