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Barcelona ‘reject £25m bid’ from Manchester United as Juventus ‘hot’ on Anthony Martial – Man Utd
May 18, 2022

Man Utd


Barcelona ‘reject £25m bid’ from Manchester United as Juventus ‘hot’ on Anthony Martial

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Welcome to the United On My Mind daily round-up, where we take a look at some of the best Manchester United stories that you might have missed.

Barcelona have reportedly rejected a bid from United for one of their up and coming stars. At the same time, Juventus are open to the chance of signing Anthony Martial on loan this January.

And finally, former United defender Rio Ferdinand has praised Wayne Rooney’s job at Derby County and stated that he’s seen a change in the manager.

Barcelona reject £25m bid from United

According to Spanish outlet El Nacional, Manchester United have made a concrete offer of £25m (€30m) for Barcelona defender Ronaldo Araujo but seen it rejected by the Catalan side.

In recent years, Araujo has risen to prominence as part of Barcelona’s youth revolution as they look for solutions to their money problems on and off the pitch. Still, with a contract expiring at the end of 2023, they will soon need to decide whether they need to cash in if a contract agreement can not be made.

Chelsea, Liverpool and Real Madrid are also reportedly interested in the player.

My view: With United currently stacked in the centre-back position, there is no need to make a move for Araujo right now as a priority, but he is one of the top defensive talents in Europe and is only improving game by game.

With Phil Jones not being a long-term option and Eric Bailly looking to leave for more regular game time, a move for Araujo wouldn’t be the worst decision. However, at the moment, there is no reason to make a move and this could be another case of United’s name being used to improve contract offers.

Juventus ‘hot’ on Martial

Anthony Martial wants to leave Manchester United and Juventus are reportedly interested.

Respected Italian journalist Gianluca DiMarzio has stated that Juventus are in the market for a striker, and this could lead them to United’s doorstep with an offer for Martial.

With an ACL injury meaning that star forward Federico Chiesa is unlikely to play again this season, Juventus need reinforcements and DiMarzio said: “Juventus remain vigilant to opportunities for a striker on the market. The Bianconeri always have Anthony Martial in their sights.

“For the team coached by Massimiliano Allegri the Frenchman’s name remains hot, they are keeping the direct line with his agents constantly open despite the fact that there have been no decisive steps forward.”

My view: Juventus need a forward and United need to get rid of one who doesn’t want to remain at the club; it can’t be simpler than that. Of course, agreements need to be found around fees and wages, but it will allow Martial to remain at a high level and United to part ways with a player underperforming for 18 months and no longer wants to play for the club. A win-win.

Ferdinand praises former teammate Rooney

Former Manchester United captain Wayne Rooney is gaining plaudits for the job he is doing at Derby County this season.

On his youtube channel Vibe with FIVE, ex-United defender Ferdinand has been liberal with his praise for Rooney’s job with Derby County and has said he has seen a change in the manager. He said: “I thought there’d be a lot of ‘ermmmm’ – you see the interviews, no disrespect – but he was just calm man, I was so impressed. The results he is getting off the back of it, I’m not surprised.

“Wazza is good at detail, his game was about detail. People would think it was hustle and bustle and bang, a shot out of nowhere but to be the player he was you had to understand details and it is about translating that into the team.

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“He was taking people off to the side saying ‘I want this, I want that’ and it was really good. I’m not saying he is the next Sir Alex or the next Pep but he is on the right track.”

My view: What Rooney is doing with Derby is exceptional, and he deserves all the plaudits he’s getting. As a player, he always understood the game, and he seems to be getting that across to his squad.

It is too soon for the Rooney to United shouts, but give it a few more years with more experience under his belt, and who knows.

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