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Alex Telles has a major advantage over Man United’s current left-backs – Man Utd
June 29, 2022

Man Utd


Alex Telles has a major advantage over Man United’s current left-backs

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Manchester United are open to signing a new left-back before the transfer window closes early next month and Porto’s Alex Telles is one of the players under consideration.

While the talks with Telles are not thought to be as advanced as is being reported elsewhere, the Brazilian could offer an upgrade at left-back for a reasonable price.

The 27-year-old has developed into a major attacking threat in recent seasons at Porto and was a key member of last year’s title-winning side.

Telles has provided 35 assists since the start of the 2017/18 campaign and also netted 13 league goals last season. He has started this term in a similar vein of form, scoring twice and assisting another in Porto’s opening-day win against Braga.

But how does the former Inter player compare statistically to Luke Shaw and Brandon Williams, United’s current two options at left-back?

It’s important to note that like-for-like comparisons in these departments may be a little misleading, as Porto tend to dominate the majority of domestic fixtures and are unlikely to demand the same levels of defending as teams in the Premier League, such as United.

As per WhoScored, Telles made a combined total 4.7 direct defensive actions per game in the Portuguese top flight last season – a statistic covering tackles, interceptions, blocks and clearances.

By contrast, the figures for Shaw and Williams stand at 4.8 and 3.1 respectively, although it should be remembered that many of Williams’ minutes came as a substitute.

While the defensive analysis shows similar results, the difference in attacking output between Telles and the current United full-backs is stark.

Telles played on average 1.8 attacking key passes per game in the league last season, as opposed to figures of 0.8 for both Shaw and Williams, while his shots per game (1.3) were significantly higher than both Shaw (0.5) and Williams (0.4).

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The Brazilian is technically excellent and has become renowned as a set-piece expert. Indeed, Telles is Porto’s designated penalty and free-kick taker.

Since joining the club in the 2016/17 campaign, Telles has racked up a hugely impressive 23 goals and 45 assists across all competitions – a total of 68 direct goal involvements.

In the same timeframe, Shaw has scored just one goal and provided only six assists, while Williams – who only debuted last season – has yet to register an assist, with his solitary goal coming in the 3-3 draw at Sheffield United last season.

The data illustrates Telles has similar defensive numbers to the current United options, but he offers a considerably higher threat going forward.

The Brazilian is capable of scoring and creating goals at a consistently impressive level, and that makes him an option worth exploring.

It’s a transfer that would tick a lot of boxes for United, and Telles would serve as another attacking weapon for a team that lacks goals outside of Bruno Fernandes and the front three.

The early indications this season are that United will push both full-backs up the pitch, but this approach will only be effective if they offer a genuine threat.

Telles’ time with Porto demonstrates that he is an excellent attacking outlet and a move to Old Trafford could see him develop an exciting left-sided partnership with Marcus Rashford.

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